LL press RGB em“Folk/Rock with a Scandinavian Edge = Award Winning Artist, Logan Lind”

Logan Lind is a Norwegian/American who is carving out his own sound with original song writing and a style that melds his southern upbringing and Scandinavian roots.  Armed with a weathered guitar, powerful raspy vocals, and songs full of depth and heart, this singer/songwriter is a force to be recognized!

His music transports you to the rocky shores and troll infested forests of Norway and then back to the hot humid, gospel wailing bible belt of the southern United States.

In an industry that makes die hard music fans question “Where is the real music these days?”, Logan answers with a foot stomping live show that connects with the audience and “keeps it real. “

Logan shares his gift, heritage and passion for pursuing “a dream” with Schools, Universities, Amphitheaters, Festivals, Churches, Coffee Houses, and Stages across the United States and Scandinavia.

Being a resident of 2 countries, Logan splits his time between Norway, where he was born, and the small railroad town in Arkansas, where he was raised.

When asked in an interview, “What sums you up?”, Logan replied…

“I want to honor my roots.

I want to sing about something that is real.

I want to inspire and be inspired.

I want to share a God given gift with you…

and then, I want you to take your gifts, go out into the world, and do the same.”